About Arhet Charity

Arhet Charity is a leading nongovernmental organization dedicated to carrying out humanitarian and development programs to fight local poverty by working in partnership with vulnerable communities regardless of faith, race, gender or political beliefs Arhet Charity enables people to survive, recover and rebuild their lives while also empowering them to become self-sufficient through practical knowledge, focused expertise and innovative solutions


Our vision
We strive for a world full of hope and free of poverty where people live in dignity, and to be the partner of choice in helping the vulnerable wherever our help is needed


Our Mission
Our mission is to give people hope and serve vulnerable communities in dignified ways by responding to their humanitarian and development needs


Our values
We believe in fundamental dignity of everyone and work with all people regardless of faith, race, gender or political beliefs


We refuse to accept poverty and are compelled to take action to provide help in neutral and independent means


We endeavor to be the transparent, accountable and professional stewards of all resources entrusted to us


We are the trusted link between all stakeholders from the vulnerable communities we serve to the generous donors who support our work


Trusted partners in delivering hope

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